Altum Dental Lab Group

A leader in the advancement and innovation of the dental lab industry

About Us

Altum Dental Lab Group is a leader in the advancement and innovation of the dental lab industry. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience through strong partnerships and maintaining the legacy of successful industry leaders. We will ensure there will be a benefit to all our partners. That’s our commitment to excellence.

What is Altum Dental Lab Group (ADLG)?

An acquisition and lab operating group

Providing a proven business model to owners so they can have the confidence in selling their lab to the right team

Developing a group of like-minded labs across North America

Providing industry standardized evaluations of dental labs

Forming strategic partnerships between laboratories, dentists, vendors and technicians

Providing industry leading innovations

Who is ADLG?

We are a group of dental technicians and seasoned dental lab business professionals that are advancing the industry by creating strategic partnerships with dental lab owners to create synergies within a dental lab network

What We Do

We look to invest in the dental lab industry by creating a network of dental labs across North America

We evaluate dental labs for future transition of ownership

We give current owners a return on their years of hard work

We look to maintain a legacy of ownership

We bring quality of life and balance back to owners

Why Work With Us?

We can help put the succession planning into a predictable process

You will be able to concentrate on the tasks that you like to do

We can help improve key areas in your company, such as profitability, efficiencies and resources using industry proven methods

We will work together so you are part of a dynamic team of well-respected lab owners and technicians

We take care of the technical support and training, automation integration, accounting, sales and marketing, purchasing, Human resources, reducing overhead by managing to Key Performance Indicators

We will implement continuing education for your clients, and staff as well as the marketing to your dentists

What Makes us Different?

We are technicians and business professionals, trained in the business and know the hard work that it takes to create a good company in this industry with a proven track record
Our commitment to providing a consistent, quality product using thoroughly vetted products


Who Are We Looking To Partner With?

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4620 Manilla Road SE Calgary, AB T2G 4B7

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